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Join Us for an Immersive Shabbat Experience in Honor of the Rebbe’s 30 Years of Lasting Impact

We warmly invite you to a unique and transformative Shabbat celebration, marking three decades of the Rebbe’s enduring legacy. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known as the Lubavitcher Rebbe, was a visionary leader and the seventh Rebbe of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. His profound wisdom, boundless compassion, and tireless dedication to Jewish education, outreach, and unity have left an indelible mark on Jewish communities worldwide. The Rebbe’s teachings continue to inspire and guide countless individuals in their spiritual and personal journeys.

This special weeekend promises to be a deeply enriching experience, filled with joy, spirituality, and community.

Event Highlights:

- Happy Hour & L'chaims: Begin your Shabbat with a warm welcome, refreshing drinks, and heartfelt toasts.
- Kabbalat Shabbat Services: Usher in the Shabbat with uplifting prayers and melodies.
- Shabbat Dinner: Savor a delicious, traditional meal shared with friends and family.
- Farbrengens: Participate in intimate gatherings, sharing stories, inspiration, and wisdom.
- Discussions & Song: Engage in meaningful conversations and soul-stirring music.
- Engaging Kabbalah Study: Delve into the mystical teachings of Kabbalah and explore their profound relevance to our lives, right before Shabbat services.
- Shabbat Morning Services: Experience the beauty of Shabbat morning prayers and readings.
- Shabbat Lunch: Enjoy a leisurely meal with insightful discussions and fellowship.
- Havdallah & Kumzitz: Conclude Shabbat with a moving Havdallah ceremony and an inspiring kumzitz, filled with songs and reflections.

Join us for this special occasion as we come together to honor, reflect, and be inspired by the Rebbe’s profound impact on our lives and the world.

We look forward to sharing this meaningful Shabbat with you.

July 12th, 2024 7:30 PM to July 13th, 2024 10:00 PM
2505 Worthington St.
Dallas, TX 75204
United States
Event Fee(s)
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Full Immersive Shabbaton $25.00
Shabbat Dinner $18.00
Shabbat Lunch (Free) $0.00
Havdallah & Kumzitz $15.00
Sponsorship Opportunities:
Challah Sponsor $250.00
Havdallah Sponsor $360.00
Shabbaton Co-Sponsor $770.00