What's Shabbat over Uptown?

Shabbat over Uptown is when Uptown does Shabbat on a whole other level. 

First go to Chabad for friday night prayers, then you

head to one of the hosts apartments/townhomes for a home cooked Shabbat dinner. 

Hosts: We're having a cooking party Thursday night at Chabad: Help prep your friday night meal, taste tasting optional!

Friday, May 31 2019

6:30 pm Open Bar Happy Hour
7:30 Soulful Shabbat Davening
8:15 pm Dinner at Hosts Homes


Meet at The Intown Chabad

2505 Worthington St.


$180 to sponsor a hosts Shabbat Meal

We are looking for more hosts! Contact Mooka Hecht to host a meal at your house/apt in Uptown. You'll be provided with Shabbat in a box to feed 6-10 people. 


(214) 810-6770

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